Additional Services

SSH Access
Main Domain Change
Joomla analysis
Wordpress analysis
Database MS SQL Server 2005/2008
Database MS SQL Server 2012
WebSiteBuilder - Plesk SiteBuilder (Windows Plans)
Website Builder - Easy Site (Linux Plans)

I intend to have the website builder (Easy Site) available on my hosting to build my website without requiring technical knowledge or programming.

Creating DNS - Ex. and
Addon Domain
Parked Domain
Downgrade Hosting Plan
Additional Disk Space- 2GB Package

I intend to hire more disk space for my hosting account.

Full DNS Management
Dedicated IP Address
Drupal Installation
Joomla Installation
PrestaShop Installation
Wordpress Installation
Backup Recovery
Domain Forwarding
Scheduled Tasks - Cronjob

* Approval is required

Private Whois (.COM, .NET, .ORG)