Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Campaign Management



  • 1 Campaign
  • 2 Ads
  • $ 108.90 /Month BUY NOW


  • 2 Campaign
  • 6 Ads
  • $ 174.24 /Month BUY NOW


  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited ads
  • $ 217.80 /Month BUY NOW


What is Google Adwords Campaign Management service?

Already have a website but can´t get visits?
Uses Google Adwords service but can´t get the desired results?
Don´t have time to devote to advertising your website?

If you answered YES to some of the questions mentioned above, you just find the solution! Our AdWords Campaign Management Service allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of Google Adwords advertising system with lower costs, better results, better targeting, increased ROI (Retorn On Investment) and of course, increased profits.

How our Service work:

1º - Client Objectives

The 1st step is to determine the client's goals for your campaign.

Assess the business area
Determine expected results
Knowing services and business activities

2º - Market Evaluation

Then it´s done a market evaluation on your campaign activity.

Research relevant keywords
Analysis Google competition
Market Research

3º - Proposal and Revision

Presenting of the proposed adwords campaign for review by the client.

Professional Creating of your campaign
Check if fulfills the requirements
Check if gather the key objectives

4º - Go Online

Once the campaigns are reviewed and approved by the customer, they are activated and placed online.