Check out the FAQ's, videos, tutorials and everything you need to know about IBERWEB®'s Ibersites product

General Questions

The Ibersites is a IBERWEB® product that offers you a complete solution for you to quickly create your site. In Ibersites, you already have built-in hosting (essential for your site to stay online) and a unique marketing tool to easily create your website.

The 1st step is to hire a Template of your choice and then it will emerge an option to choose the name of your site (domain). After the purchase, you will receive the access data to start editing the content of your site and put it online.

No. The website already includes a Domain and Hosting of your choice. If you already have a domain, you may ask to transfer your domain to Ibersites.

You can access a demo version of the Construction and Management Panel here.

After buying and choosing a Site Template, you should wait for the registration of your domain is made to your website stay online. Additional information may be requested. However, the deadline is between 8am and two weekdays.

Unfortunately, you can not. The Ibersites product may only be used in a domain of your choice. You can however, redirect the domain to other domains where your installed Ibersites.

You can later change your model / template but this change will have an associated cost. Please visit our Commercial Support to know more.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on your personal needs. The main idea is to decide whether you need a responsive site with static content or a Flash site, a little slower, with colorful animations and other features that Flash can provide. Both types of templates are available for mobile devices and SEO friendly.

Technical Questions

Yes, our system allows you to create an additional instance of your site, suitable for all types of mobile devices.

Sites created through Ibersites are supported by all types of browsers and operating systems.

At any time on the site's construction panel you can reverse the changes that are being made by you. However, there is still the possibility that you make a backup thus saving your data and changes. Go to Preferences -> Site Preferences -> Backup and Updates -> Create Backup

Yes. THE Ibersites Control Panel works on any system that uses Adobe Flash Player. PC and Mac are supported.

Unfortunately, this option is not yet available. We hope to offer this functionality in a future update.

We recommend that you try to find the answer to your question in our Knowledge Base. In case you can not find the solution here, please send a ticket

Ibersites HTML Templates

The template package includes: Ibersites license, own template, all the source files, guidelines, technical support for life.

In each template you can view a demonstration of the respective website version. However if you want to access a demonstration construction Panel, please click here.

Our employees are continually working on improving Ibersites, adding new features to it, with new versions released regularly. All of our updates are free.

You can upload JPG files, .PNG, .GIF and .PDF through the Ibersites HTML Control Panel.

Key features of the Models

Widgets Always at Hand

You need a contact form on a page? We have a widget for that! You need to incorporate an image gallery? Again we have a widget for that! \'Buy Now \' or \ 'Search \'? We have ... well, you get an idea, right?

Friendly Search Engine

Our sites are used to meet the Google Webmaster guidelines and always keep an eye on the latest Google algorithm updates to make sure that there is nothing to stop your website to be well positioned.

Drag and Drop Site Builder

With our Admin Panel, customize the look of your website is like arranging the icons on your desktop! Okay, maybe just a little more difficult, but we are certain that you will enjoy using our administration tools.

Free Updates and backups

Yes, you can save your data whenever you want quite simply and quickly. Also you will get all the updates for your Ibersites freely.

Extra possibilities

You will be able to create multilingual sites, you have an image editor and an extensive media library. In other words, your site will have everything that most website owners can ask for.

More than 2000 Amazing Templates

You've seen them? Our templates are wonderful, even when reduced to these little images. And when you open up and experience all the functionality and beauty of them, you will be enchanted!