Social Responsability

Because it´s also our duty to help

Our commitment

In IBERWEB LDA, we take our responsibilities to the Society. We are committed to the communities in which we operate in order to implement the best social practices, environmental and sustainability in all our projects.


The third sector and the future

We believe that the third sector will have an important social role in the future. Economic and structural paradigms will be changed to encompass citizens in projects where the profit is not important. For us, the Third Sector is a sociological terminology that gives meaning to all private initiatives utility originating in society. This is a translation of the Third Sector, a term widely used in the United States to define the various organizations without direct links with the First Sector (Public, the State) and the Second Sector (Private, Market). A more simplified way the Third Sector is the society group of entities with social, public, non-profit objectives.

Projects we support


AMADOS - is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, established in 2013 in Braga, Portugal. It has a multidisciplinary team, aware that breast cancer has impact on family, social and labor, consisting of psychologists, social workers and oncology specialists.


  • Support the cancer patient, their families and friends;

  • Ensure support for cancer patient at the level of socio-economic and legal issues;

  • Providing care at the level of physical rehabilitation and promote leisure activities / sports;

  • Promote social integration of these people into society, supporting them in temporary hosting during treatments.


To learn more about AMADOS, click here.

Responsabilidade Social

Cultural Space Callaeci Bracari

CSCB is the first step of a large walk where the Mission will continue to be: Strengthen the community and promote the highest values of justice, equity, solidarity and peace. Establishing the noble objective of facilitating and supporting those who do good in our community. Highlighting the best of what is produced and showing local capacities. A space for the community empowerment and promotion within the society, the highest values of justice, equity, solidarity and peace.


  • Facilitate rapprochement and strengthening the community;

  • Strengthen ties, showing artists, craftsmen, products and people of the land;

  • Gather associations, cultural and arts.


To learn more about CSCB, click here.

Responsabilidade Social